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Removable Tailstock for grinding high-precision gear cutting tools

The removable Tailstock is used for grinding and resharpening of several tool families: Hobs, Shaper Cutters, Power skiving, Reamers, Endmills, Threading tools. It has been designed to be easily and quickly removed from its mounting position, in orde...



New: HP (High Power) Transmission

In the new generation of TTB Evolution, the spindle drive system has been significantly improved. In addition to a newer generation grinding motor, the transmission of power has been significantly increased. As a result, tools up to 12 mm (1/2&rdquo...



IC-Detect: Optical detection of the coolant channel holes

The technology of using coolant channels into micro tools is constantly improving. Today, coolant channels with a bore diameter ∅ 0.07mm are no longer a rarity. Measuring with a physical probe is no longer possible within these dimensions. Th...