Welcome at TTB Engineering SA - Swiss Automatic Machines

TTB engineers and builds High-Precision Tool Grinding Machines and offers application technology for tools in a diameter range from 0.02 to 16 mm in carbide, HSS and other materials.

An amazing feature of the TTB machine is its ability to operate in an extremely high stability range during a long production run.
The machine will consistently perform many hours producing tools in the 0-3 μm range and with no need of operator involvement.

Our customized solutions include special clamping systems, steady rests, shank-guiding units for the improvement of runout, vision unit for orientation of the blanks with Internal Coolant Holes, probing systems for grinding wheels, image processing for tool positioning, special measuring systems with laser or probe technology, assembly units for specific applications, loading units and more.


Carlo Martucci has taken over as the new CEO

Dear Customers and Partners of TTB Engineering SA, We would like to inform you that our CEO, Mr. Gerd Hotz, has now retired. Mr. Hotz was a valued leader of our company and contributed significantly to our success. TTB Engineering SA is grateful to ...



TTB Next

Highest Precision and Productivity with a small footprint


TTB Evolution

High-Precision Tool Grinding Machine with 5 or 6 Axes.


TTB Eclipse

Compact Precision Grinding Center with dual Grinding Spindles.