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Steady Rest Eclipse
The automatic steady rest is normally required for tools when the grinding length ratio is greater than approximately 10 to 15 times the diameter. The installation and setup require only a few and easy steps. The steady rest is placed onto the cross table. The V-block bushings or half-round support bushings can be aligned to the taper angle of the tools.

V-block unit for the support of shanks
The V-block unit supports the shanks to improve precise runout.
Diameter range 1-6mm.

Wheel Package Changer
The wheel package changer holds up to 4 wheel packages and one blind arbor. The wheel packages are programmed in the NUMROTOplus® grinding program and automatically exchanged onto Spindle 1. A blind plug adapter protects the spindle taper from contamination when not in operation. A protective enclosure keeps all grinding wheel packages protected from oil and unwanted contamination.

Machine Control
The Model Eclipse is equipped with the NUM CNC control. This allows customizing different grinding strategies, as well as enhancing the existing Programmers and Operators knowledge.


NUMROTOplus® Programming System
NUMROTOplus® with 3D grinding simulation and collision control

  • Standard and special tools are programmed easily with the flexible and versatile Software NUMROTOplus®
  • Guarantee of constant innovation by continuous Software Updates on up-to-date PCs
  • Extraordinary programming variety with enhanced databases for Tools, Technology and Wheel Packages
  • Free Software Updates are guaranteed over the whole life-cycle of the machine